Kim is a masterful communicator, capable of translating nuanced research into relatable and compelling reports for a broad range of audiences. As a writer, editor, and project manager on 15+ research reports at the Centers for Research on Creativity (CRoC), Kim's coordination, communication skills, and eye for excellence sustained strong multi-year partnerships with regional and national arts and education organizations, including the US Department of Education. She writes clearly and precisely, yet has an affinity for storytelling. This is a powerful combination that has illuminated CRoC's insights and enabled partners to use the research findings to improve and source new funding for their programs.  
Gabby Arenge, Research Associate 
Centers for Research on Creativity

From the beginning of our research contract, Kim has served as a sounding board, helping us define the design, establish the process, understand contributing variables and determine reliable and valid measurement tools. She is a skilled writer who beautifully captures in words the nuances of research in creativity in a manner that perfectly communicates meaning to a wide range of audiences.
Dennis Doyle, Board Member
Collaborations: Teachers and Artists

Her writing shone through the accumulated clutter of daily work and enhanced our presentations significantly, as we planned the next 30 years of the theatre’s capital needs.
Oscar W. McGraw   Architect/Planning Consultant          

Kim Zanti helped Get Lit grow from a small $200,000 organization, to a healthy mid-size organization with an operating budget of almost $1,000,000. As a development consultant and grant supervisor, her expertise has strengthened our internal organization, helped define Get Lit's mission, and, most importantly, told our story effectively to funders and donors. We don't let a proposal or grant go out without "zantifying" it. I think she's a genius! Kim is one of the luckiest things to ever happen to Get Lit. Diane Luby Lane, Executive Director
Get Lit - Words Ignite

I was really excited with Kim’s writing and the article. Because we had the bike shop in Hollywood, we have had many features written about us over the years including the Wall Street Journal, Guardian, Fortune Magazine, L.A. Times and many more. No one previously captured the essence of what we do as well as Kim and been able to put it on paper.
Christopher Kelly, Proprietor 
Topanga Creek Outpost
Topanga Messenger, Letter To Editor

I’ve workshopped this story a lot and ended up with too many voices in my head. When Kim read my story, she read between the lines and gave me a profound insight that I would not have found on my own. Plus, she conveyed her editorial thoughts about my work with clarity and simplicity. That’s no small thing.
Nora Slattery, Memoirist, Speechwriter
Ogilvy and Mather