I offer substantive and developmental editing of non-fiction writing across a variety of forms.


● Robin Lithgow, Author of Good Behavior and Audacity:  Humanist Education, Playacting and a Generation of Genius

RESEARCH REPORTS (Editor, Contributing Writer)

● Capturing Student and Teacher Creative Growth through the After-School JumpStart Theatre Program. Educational Theatre Association. 2015 - 2018. James S. Catterall, PhD

●   Assessing Impacts of the CoTA Model and Creative Transformation in Professional Learning Communities:
The Beacon Schools Study
. 2014 - 2018. James S. Catterall, PhD

●   Learning and Creativity: When Teacher Practice Aligns with Student Learning. A Study of the Inner-City Arts Creativity Lab, 2017. James S. Catterall, PhD, principal investigator

●   Capturing Creative Practice and Community Building in a Dramatic Performance. Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, Scotland. 2015 - 2017. James S. Catterall, PhD and Gabrielle Arenge, MPhil

●   Pursuing “Big Ideas” in Instructional Innovation: School Transformation through the Arts (STTArts). Alameda County Office of Education. 2015 - 2017. James S. Catterall, PhD and Gabrielle Arenge, MPhil

● The Wooden Floor for Youth Movement: Ten-Year Longitudinal Study: From Here You Can Step Anywhere.
The Wooden Floor. James S. Catterall, PhD and Mark Runco, PhD (2015 - 2018)


●      Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Visiting Artist Grant ~ $5,000

●  California Arts Council ~ $25,000 (double the initial funding request amount)

●      Hollywood Foreign Press Association ~ $20,000

●      Pixar Studios ~ $9,000

●      Sony Pictures Entertainment ~ $10,000

●      Ahmanson Foundation - $70,000

●  Annenberg Foundation ~ $10,000

●      The Walt Disney Company ~ $5,000

●      Union Bank ~ $10,000