I have a gut level need to tell a compelling story. Over a 25+ year career, I’ve written about diverse subjects from arts and culture to investor relations to emergency preparedness. I’ve study journalism and creative writing at Santa Monica College and UCLA and graduated from the LA County Arts Commission’s (LACAC) Arts Leadership Initiative. Two years later, I became the first development manager in the 10-year history of the Arts for All: Regional Blueprint for Arts Education at LACAC and later served as the Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum’s first development director in the repertory theatre’s 35-year history.

In 2012, I was recruited by the late Dr. James S. Catterall to launch the Centers of Research on Creativity (CRoC) and went on to become the Center’s Associate Director. A UCLA graduate professor, Dr. Catterall was renowned for his studies on the measurable effects of music and art on developing youth. He expanded his research at CRoC, where we studied the conditions that promote creative problem solving across domains. In addition to designing research and observing in the field, I edited and contributed writing to all reports, proposals, and presentations.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, where I also studied modern dance and ballet. Some of my most influential teachers were feminist studies pioneer Elaine Ryan Hedges, psychology professor Joan S. Rabin, and dancer/choreographer Nancy Wanich-Romita.

I live in the mountains near Los Angeles, where I co-founded Topanga Authors’ Group and Transport Topanga Literary Festival. I am a candidate for the Masters in Creativity and Change Leadership from Buffalo State College, SUNY (a distance learning program). I am curious about life in all its beauty and brutality and seek to make the world a better place while I’m here.